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tv   Super Tuesday Your Voice Your Vote 2016  ABC  March 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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>> there's never been a road to a super tuesday quite like this before. >> i call him little marco. >> have you seen his hands. you know what they say about men with small hands? >> at lying he's the best i have ever ever seen. >> the biggest voting d of the year before election day. >> our campaign is funded by wall street and big-money interest. >> seven candidates. 12 states. over 1600 delegates up for grabs. so, could it allome down to this one ght? >> it will be huge. >> from abc news this is super tuesday. now reporting from abc's times square election headquarters, george stephanopoulos. >> good evening, welcome to super tuesday. the biggest night of voting. the most surprising presidential race of our lifetime. a pivotal and dramatic moment for our entire country. the polls have now closed in every state but alaska.
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donald trump and hillary clinton in command of this race. donald trump has already five states. alabama. gegegia, tennessee, virgigia and massachusetts. ted cruz has won texas and oklahoma. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has won six states -- alabama, georgia, arkansas, tennessee, virginia and texas. she also won in american samoa. bernie sanders has won in vermont and oklahoma. first win outside of the northeast. i'm here with our abc political team. where this race goes next. we have our tip political correspondent correspondents. david muir is at the decision desk and on the sceme with the candidates all across the country is our correspondents. the big story thus far, donald trump declaring victory. >> already, we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six, seven, eight or
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i want to congratulate ted on the winning on texas. he worked hard on it. so, i congratulat ted cruz on that win. that was an excellent win. we're going to make america great again, folks. you know, i watched hillary's speech and she's talking about wages have bn poor, everything's poo -- she's b bn there for so long, i mean, if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. she wants tomerica whole again. make america great again is going to much better than making america great again. -- whole again. let's get a sense of that sweep by donald trump. he won in the south. alabama. he won in the state of alabama. he won in the state of georgia,
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you see him right there. there are the states right there. ted cruz coming in second. right there in georgia. and in the statete of tennessee, donald trump, again. ted cruz, second. marco rubio hitting that all-important 20% threshold. in the state of virginia, a little bit closer there, marco rubio came in second on the strength in northern virginia, on the strength of his showing in northern virginia. in the northeast, these big wins for donald trump. massachusetts, nearly 50% of the vote right there, 49%. and of course the state of vermont, as well. john kasich doing pretty well right there. but not well enough. i'm here with our team again. matthew dowd, let me begin with you, you look att the sweep of that victory, donald trump is re-creating the republican party. >> this is, i think, an extraordinary development of what's happened. every one, so many people thought he would burn out in the summer.
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frozen out when the votes in wimpbter started. now we're in spring, he's the dominant force in the party. he's gone through a hostile takeover of the republican party. he's basically beginning to fire the senior management of the republican party and and it's going to be very difficult for the republicans to be in the same place they were as a party in aftermath. >> jon karl, one thing he's been served by this entire campaign, divided opposition, going to remain divided, stunning every single one of these candidates say they're going to stay in. >> absolutely. this super tuesday is trump tuesday. not just because he comes out with a win huge delegate lead, butecause every one of his main opponents -- kasich, rue owe, cruz, they all see a reason to stay in this race so donald trump, tonight, is stronger than ever, his opposition is as divided as ever. >> tom llamas, you have been
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very beginning. i was struck with the difference with that victory address and the opening speech he gave at trump tower, a relatively subdued. >> but so much hasn't changed. it was a press conference. not a victory party. eric trump and chris christie were there. the rest were journalists covering donald trump. his strategy hasn't changed. he's campaigning in front of the cameras. he had a couple of jokes, a couple of jokes about ted cruz and hillary clinton and marco rubio. they're romping tonight and they hope to take this momentum into the future states. >> he took aim at hillary clinton and hillary clinton took remarks. >> because this country belongs to all of us not just those at the top! not just to people who look one
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think one way. [ cheers ] america prospers when we all prospers. america is strong when we are all strong. and we know we've got work to do. but, that work -- that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. [ cheers ] we have to make america whole -- we have to fill in! fill in what's been hollowed out. >> make america great again versus make america whole. let's get a sense of hillary clinton's sweep tonight. winning six states.
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hillary clinton n the state of alabama, 78% to 19%. georgia, 72% to 28%. tennessee, same story. 63% to 25%. hillary clinton over bernie sanders. in texas, this was big, hillary clinton also beating bernie sanders. strong hispanic vote there, as well. le arkansas, 69% to 27% for bernie sanders. in virginia, 64% hillary clinton and 35% for bernie sanders cecilia, they laid out those fire wahls in the south. >> the road to super tuesday success for hillary clinton was through the south. i was down there this week with her. that's clinton country. i interviewed so many voters, many had no idea who bernie sanders was.
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nomination is hers. the path to nomination when you lose this much in delegate-rich states it doesn't add for bernie sanders right now. massachusetts is a toss-up right now. >> still waiting. matt gutman in florida with the clinton campaign right there. pretty call cows crowd there. florida such a key state both in the primaries and the general election. >> that's right, george, and the voting here has already started and begins in earnest for early ballots on march 15th. right on the wall over there, not many banners there, there's an american flag and a hillary fighting for us banner. hillary clinton is urging her supporters to vote as earlier as possible. >> bernie sanders is raising a loft money even on his losses right now.
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let's get more now as the voters were voting. david muir is at the decision desk and looking through those exit polls. you're seeing a difference between the parties and what the voters were looking for. >> right, george, a split between republicans and democrats on this central question when asked -- should the next president come from outside of the establishment? 50% of republicans say they want an outsider as a candidate. of those republican voters who wanted the outsider, look at this, 63% went to donald trump. on the lip side, when asked, should the next president have experience in politics? 39% of republican voters said yes. of those who wanted experienced, 69% of democrats went to hillary clinton versus to outsider. >> david muir, thanks very much. let's talk to our experts now
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bill kristol, going to experience there, all of the fuel, all the anger, all the energy on the republicans to the outsiders. >> very good night to donald trump. some thought he would fade in summer, fall. very strong night for trump and ted cruz doing pretty well. >> one of the surprising things we have seen from donald trump across all of his victories so far, he's winning from every segment of the republican party, he's winning in moderates, winning among evangelical christians. >> on this highway there's a five-car pile-up happening right now. donald trump is winning acrossss a
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he's winning among voters who have less than a college degree. they're turning to donald trump as someone who's finally giving them a voice. >> cokie roberts, everybody in washington scratching their heads. >> it's beyond scratching their heads. there's probably heavy drinking going on tonight among the politicians in washington. and we had the remarkable scene today of the leader of the senate and the leader of the house, republican parties, coming out and making statements, essentially against donald trump. because of the ku klux k kn issue. yoyo know, you look at these numbers, george and the republicans voting in all of these states, 90% say they're angry or dissatisfied. they're terribly worried about the future, much more so than on the democratic side. you see high numbers there, too, but much higher on the republican side. >> in fact, donna, what you're
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majority of voters wanting to continue the policies of barack wbama. >> senator sanders had a great night in terms of winning oklahoma, he won his home state. he'll still a#crue a lot of delegates. as you know, this was a huge night for hillary clinton. she won georgia, alabama, texas, where most of the big delegates are located tonight. this democratic race will continue, we reward proportionate proportionately. >> letter la the whole idea on any one on the republican side can stop donald trump. i want to go to paula faris who's covering the donald trump campaign. >> it was pretty much the same line of questioning, one thing that stuck out to me was the significance of where he held this event in florida. it can't be lost on us that he
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headquartersn florida tonight, here at the mar-a-lago which he owns. really, this is a big night for him. but he's thinking about the next couple of weeks, to have it here in florida, marco rubio'ss home state. a state where right now he has a commanding lead. >> all right, paula faris, thank you. we'll bealking to marco rubio when we come back. and the big question, can anyone stop donald trump now in the republican party? i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm.
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i want to go to byron pitts who's covering that campaign. byron. >> reporter: hey, george, cruz is addressingg his supporters now. he said we're the only campaign that can, has and will defeat donald trump and he asked, quote, i ask prayerfully the other candidates to consider join joining our campaign. the argument he's making he's the one republican who has beaten donald trump and the party can nowow unite behind him. a gentleman, the tallest man in the room, dressed in an an uncle sam costume and he said that this is our night. that we have shown that ted cruz is the alternative to donald trump. he also made a joke about marco rubio. he said, we have a saying in
9:20 pm
>> okay, byron pitts thanks so much. the only republican who h h beaten donald trump so far. these nomination fights are all about delegates. the for republicans, where d d republicans stand? >> donald trump is cleaning house. donald trump, 147 delegates so far donald trump. swamping ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. when you add inn the contests we have already seen, here's where the race stands -- you got trump, 229. only 81 for cruz, 47 for marco rubio. this means -- look at this -- this is where they have to go. even if marco rubio were to win in his home state of florida, get all 99 delegate there is, trailing donald trump. >> what that means, matthew, what you're looking at these campaigns, the reasons these other candidates are staying in, it's not just abouthem getting
9:21 pm
trump from getting that nominee. >> the results of tonight not only shown donald trump dominating is to quote, the favorite bird's song, turn, turn, turn. their reason is to stay in this -- stop donald trump from getting to 1237. their goal, keep him under that and he a contested convention. >> think aboutthat, keep him from getting a majority going into a convention. he would clearly have a huge lead going into a convention. somehow at the convention, they would take it from away from him? >> bill, if this were any other candidate, leading in the same way, we would say this is over. this candidate has the nomination. such a resistance within the republican party to o nald trump.
9:22 pm
candidate would be qualified to be president. they were widely and broadly acceptable. half the republican voters in some of these states say the won't accept donald trump. at the end of tonight,t, i was justooking at the ro jexs, it looks like donald trump will have less than 50% of the delegates selected so far. so, i don't know if everyone else has to say, you got 47% of the delegates. we got to get out. the race goes on. >> linsey davis, you're with the rubio campaign dowow in florida, march 14th is a must-win for him. what you're seeing in the crowd, more signs about donald trump than marco rubio. >> you're exactly right, marco rubio hasn't won a single state. he could finish out the night 0 for 15. you couldn't tell based on the
9:23 pm
the crowd was equally excited. one of the first things out of his mouth was donald trump. he called him a con artist. state by state he said, look, his poll numbers are going down. the pundits want to call me an i will accept that. but this is a country of underdogs but we will win. he was looking ahead to the primary here in florida. he said, of course, he knows how to win here in florida. interestingly, the polls show donana trump leading. >> okay, linsey, thanks very much. marco rubio does join us right now. senator rubio, thanks for joining us tonight. you're still without a win, how can you get the nomination? >> thanks, george. george, you have followed this for a long time. we're going to take delegates, major number of delegates in evererstate tonight. we're waiting tooee what happens in minnesota tonight. i was 15 to 20 points down in
9:24 pm
virginia with the same number of delegates as donald trump. e question tonight is, what happened to ted cruz's southern strategy? he was supposed to win iowa, which he did. all of the southern states. the only thing he won was his home state of texas and neighboring state of oklahoma. >> he's beating you pretty handily? >> in his home state of texas, sure. here's the bottom line, the map from here on out, it gets better for us. his whole campaign was built on the southern strategy. he lost them all except for his home state. we on the other hand have shown growth. we feel really good about minnesota. i think looking forward at t map now and the states that are to come, we're going to start racking up some victories. when we get to winner take all, we love the way the map shapes up.
9:25 pm
campmpgns you have a front-runner. we have the opposite. we have people telling us, you must continue to fight on and that's what's happening. you go to our website, record number of people signing up and people donating. >> senator, you're 1 points at least behind in florida, all of the -- >> i don't believe those polls. that was one poll. no, no. we have seen other numbers that indicate otherwise. we'll win florida, i'm confident of that. especialal when we have two weeks to explain to the people of state what we're getting with donald trump, a world-class con artist. the way,y, how could the republican party ever nominate someone who refuses to condemn the ku klux klan as he did repeatedly this week? he has no chance in the general election. a vote for donald trump is vote for hillary clinton.
9:26 pm
it. tonight, he's underperformed the public polling. >> tom, you covered mr. trump and you're covering the other campaigns as well. you're hearing this concerted anti-trump campaign in the last five day and that's righgh it's unclear if the attacks really worked. senator rubio is going to fight hard for florida. but donald trump is in florida right now. he'll make a huge play for that state andenator ted cruz, the only person to beat trump, they're also focusing their efforts in florida. marco rubio is going to have a rd time in theunshine state. before, he was way behind chris christie, he came back and he pretty charlie crist. it's unclear if he'll win. >> one of the questions,
9:27 pm
the republican party now come together, concerted campaign in florida, in ohio, aimed directly at donald trump? >> to lot of the candidates understand that donald trump is currently the biggest threat. but they're still viewing one another as big threats. you still have john kasich who's stim going to be in the race, he's at least hanging around for his home state o o ohio. the same day of florida. what may be different now is to see all of these candidates being to prosecute the same case against donald trump. up until this point, you had t t cruz saying donald trump isn't conservative enough. this mish mash of arguments that haven't worked. now you have marco rubio prosecuting this case he's not the big guy fighting for the little guy, he's a con artist. he's not looking out for those
9:28 pm
>> donald trump versus hillary
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it's super tuesday... more delegates are at stake tonight than any other day in the primary season. we'll have the latest results from the states holding primaries and cauauses. and the iowa city city council hears the pros and cons of helping to jump start fundraising
9:32 pm
9:33 pm
@ '60s, the anthem of the bernieieanders campaign. another improbable campaign, he gets two victories tonight. there's his crowd here in times square as well. an army of young people%across the country, has done soo well in this race so far, winning vermont and oklahoma so far. i want to go to david wright at the bernie sanders' have itry celebrion in vermont. >> reporter: good evening, georor.
9:34 pm
sanders. he came out, the first candidate coming out his one slam-dunk of vermont. yet he'such likee some of the republican candidates who have tonight. somebody who has to justify, rationalize his continued presence in the campaign. on the plus side, he said today that he will finish the night with hundreds of new delegates. and he also, his campaign announced new fund-raising totals today. for the second month in a row, they're outfund-raising hillary clinton. in february alone, he raised $42.7 million. most of that in small donations, averaging 27 buck ace piece. he has the means to continue in this fight. >> he has enough money to go all of the way to the convention if he wants to. david muir, you'reoing through the exit polls. >> take a look at this, hillary
9:35 pm
53% to 45%. women voters on the democratic side, clearly, way out ahead of sanders. 65% to 33%. white voters tonight, hillary clinton almost a tie there, 50% to 48%. black voters and latino voters, black voters, 83% to 15%. among hispanic voters, hillary clinton with 67%. senator bernie sanders with 33% of the votes. >> so you have more on how she built up those numbers in the south. >> in the south, she's crushing bernie sanders. in altexas, 40%. this was their strategy, spending a lot of time andoney down there. 5 to 1 she's leading among african-american voters. bernie sanders said he's not going anywhere. he's defiant tonight.
9:36 pm
convenenon until the very end. he has the money right now to go pretty far. >> jon karl, pretty big delegate lead for hillary clinton. >> it's a delegate t tnami for hillary clinton. there's a lot more delegates to be allocated. she'll get a lot more. where things stand overall, if you include the four other contests, look athis lead she has. they have to go 1,462 delegates more to go. sheas this huge lead built up over bernie sanders. the democrats, every single caucus and primary is por portion gnat. >> dovna, an official in the dnc right now. you have won presidential campaigns for al gore. once you build up, even a small lead, hard for the challenger to catch up. >> that's because we reward based on democratic performance.e. don't want t t get too technical.
9:37 pm
like georgia, in atlanta and athens and albany comes in really large, you get an extra delegate. so, this is aed goo night for hillary clinton. no question that bernie sanders will accumulate delegates in some other states. but she'll win a large chunk of legates bececse she'll win those areas where the democratic performance is very, very high. >> and matthew do, she's got a bit of a balancing act right now. she hasn't put bernie sanders away yet. she has to keep one eye on him and one eye on donald trump on the republican >> i think she's turning fulul well -- we are moving toward a fascinating clash of titans. if donald trump continues to roll and hillary clinton continues to roll, you have the ultimate outsider, no political experience against the last political dynasty with a political resume that would be
9:38 pm
>> t tt's incredible. i want to bring that to nate silver, you have been going through statistics. you called the 2012 election on the nose. explain how all the experts, with thehe possible exception of matthew dowd, completely missed donald trump. >> i think there's nothing like donald trump in many decadad of american politics. every 40 years or so, a party realignment where the coalition doesn't resonate with the voters anymore. i don't know if you call him a black swan or not. this isn't politics as usual. he's on track, he had a good night to win the republican nomination. >> nate silver, thanks very much. when we come back, ted cruz. he he's won two victories tonight
9:39 pm
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i want to thank donald trump -- that's a joke. that's a joke. but, guess what, stuff he's doing and others including cruz and others, he's making the american people look in the mirror and the american people
9:45 pm
when they look in the mirror, they see what's looking back at them. they know, there's no easy answer to them. >> vice president joe biden looking b bond the primarieses right nono lookiki ahahd to the general election. let's talk about that matchup now. cokie, you talked a lot of democrats right now, theyy think cruz are the ultimate solution to an enthusiasm gap. so far republicans have been turning out in the primaries with greater portions than democrats. donald trump has been making that possible for the democrats. particularly, the comments about the ku klux klan, but the stuff he said about mexico and all of that is likely energrge hispanics and african americans, as we have seen tonight for hillary clinton, she did in even states when she won big, she people. she'll have to do something to
9:46 pm
active for the general election. the other thin george, that we have to watch, donald trump just goes in with a blujon andnd what happens to hillary clinton in as he does that, could be something that we haven't seen. >> okay, want to get more on this conversation. but we now have senator ted cruz joining us now. congratulations on your victories in texas and oklahoma tonight. donald trump is still getting e lion's share of delegates tonight. he's well on his way to the nomination? >> well, george, tonig was a terrific night. we h major victories in texas, which is as you know is the crown jewel of the super delegates. the most delegates of one state. we also had a terrific victory in oklahoma. but critically what we have seen, couple things happened, one w the delegates, we're seeing a sharp separation,
9:47 pm
going to end up. trump somewhere around 400 delegates. we'll end up around 200 delegates. that separation really allows this race to focus on how to beat donald trump. i'll tell you a lot of republicans view, if we nominate donald trump it will be a disaster for republicans and a disaster for the country and what i think we saw tonight and i hope we'll see in the days to come is republicans unifying and coming together, we welcome pporters for other candidates aboard -- we neeee to buildld a coalition a team to ensure that the republican nominee -- >> senator -- that' what you're calling for, but marco rubio is staying in the race, john kasich is staying in the race and ben carson is staying in the race. >> george, every candidate will have to reflect on where the race is, they'll have to give it prayerful consideration. what is clear, if t t race
9:48 pm
path to the nomination is much more likely, but if we unify, head to head, our campaign beats donald trump soundly. everyone concerned about the best interest of the republican party, if donald trump is the nominee, your former b bs hillary clintonnecomes the president, in all likelihood the republicans lose the house and we lose the supreme court f f our r ds and grandkids. i hope that republicans instead make the decision, let's come together, let's unite behind the only campaign that's beaten donald trump three times across the country. >> if donald trump gets the nomination, does the republican party break apart? >> well, i don't know if it breaks apart but i don't think donald trump wins. right now, he has enormous opposition to him.
9:49 pm
media is using kid gloves on him. i think a lot of folks in the media are rooting for donald trump to be the nominee, the one candidate on the face of the planet tha hillary clinton can beat in the gineral election. as republicans we're not interested in nominating someone as being a sacrificial lamb and the third term of the oba's presidency. >> senator ted cruz, thank you for joining us matthew, two schools of thoughts here. donald trump versus hillary clintotorace happens. easy victory for hillary clinton. others say donald trump scrambles the playbook. he'll do well with white working-class voters, in places like ohio, pennsylvania. >> i think initially we'll see that hillary clinton would be favored in a race like that. couple of things that we have to keep in mind.
9:50 pm
hillary clinton to run against and campaign against an unpredictable candidate like donald trump. the hardest to run against when someone is unpredictable. the other thing is, hillary clinton has demonstrated in the primaries and demonstrated in the polls is a flawed candidate for a general election, she's sliked by a majority of the country and disliked by a majority of the country. so, i don't think this is a slam-dunun for hillary clinton. i think she's slightly favored going into a general election. no telling what will unfold candidate. >> cecilia vega, meantime the clinton campaign and allies have started to put together a campaign against donald trump. >> yes, they have. there were reports out this week they have an opposition book ready to go. they have been waiting republican debates to study up
9:51 pm
her new year's resolution, she wasn't going to talk about donald trump anymore. in h h victory message, she barely mentioned bernie sanders. this is a campaign laughing off aa possible donald trump they're now bracing themselves for one now. >> major effort by the republican party to stop donald trump over the next two weeks. and the spokesperson for that effort -- jeb bush's former spokesperson. hillary clinton will destroy h even if s's running from jail. i i tell ya, he may have destroyed the republican party. but he'll be a tough general election opponent. >> david muir, this idea if you look at those voters who make up their minds in the last several days, donald trump doesn't do as
9:52 pm
>> that's fascinating them.m. we wanted tonow if the mud slinging in the last couple of days really worked. look at this, among republican voters who decided just within the last couple of days, rubio and ted cruz evenly split a 28%. 4% for donald trump. so that mud slinging that we have seeee the size of the hands, incredible comments made by marco rubio seem to have some impact in these final days. but 11th hour it wasn't enough. >> david muir, thank you. rebecec jarvis with john kasich, he hasn't won a state tonight, but he's staying in. >> he's staying in, george, and the way the campaign is putting it tonight, , ey have been aying an away game for the last month, now they're getting into home turf the mid western states, they go to ohio, in fact, they're touting tonight that john kasich and donald
9:53 pm
pretty close at this point. they're on a flight right now to michigan where they'll spend the coming days. they have seen an increase in ththr fund-raising and all eyes on ohio right now. >> rebecca jarvis, all eyes on ohio for john kasich. florida for marar rubio. we'll be right hillary clinton and republican donald trump rack up a series of wins on super tuesday. and iowa cityiscusses whether to hire a fundraiser to get money for a piece of artwtwk. kcrg-tv9 news at 10 is next. to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas...
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9:58 pm
tennessee, massachusetts. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has won six states -- alabama, georgia, arkansas, virginia, texas. bernie sanrs in verm vermont and oklahoma.a. jon kaka, where do we stand on the delegates tonight. >> huge lead so far, but a lot of delegates to come. huge lead for donald trump over ted cruz. if you look at the overall picture, trump has got a lead of 29 to just 91 for ted cruz in second ple. similar picture on the democratic side. big lead for hillary clinton. almostst double the delegates of bernie sanders tonight. the overall picture for hillary clinton, virtually insurmountable lead for the rest of this. >> jon karl, thanks very much. mattttw, who would have thought a year ago, hillary clinton as the front-runner for the democrat democrat but opposed to a manhattan billionaire sf.
9:59 pm
going to be jeb bush within this. but donald trump has refashioned what it means to be a republican. >> that's all for us on this super tuesday, stay tuned for "nightline" and i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america."clinton take more big steps tonight toward winning their party's presidential nominations. the front-runners are projected to win primaries and caucuses in most of the voting states on super tuesday. you're watching kcrg-tv9. . w, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . today, republicans and democrats each held presidential primaries
10:00 pm
eleven states on this super tuesday. more delegates are up for grabs than on any other day during the entire primary season. here's a look at the delegate estimates at this hour... donald trump is widening his lead on the republican side. a-b-c news estimates he has about 229 dedegates after winning states in the southeast, as well as massachusetts. while, ted cruz is firmly in second with 86, after winning his home state, texas, and oklahoma tonight. marco rubio is third. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton won six states, is leading another, and is piling up the delegates she'll need for the nomination. thisount includes super r delegates who have indicated support for clinton. sanders has wins tonight in vermont and oklahoma, and is leading in two more states.. a-b-c's marci gonzales reports from austin, texas, on the latest results. tonight- declaring victory- abc news projecting major wins -


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